I was born and raised about an hour outside of Los Angeles in the city of Ontario Ca.  I can remember that as a kid my dad used to tell me stories about ancient civilizations, cultures, and spirituality, so I think it was natural that my first career choice (as a young boy) was to become a monk.  The thought of preparing my entire life for where I would spend eternity seemed a very logical choice at that time.

That choice as a career path was short lived though. Once I got into around the 3rd or 4th grade, I decided that it was better for me to become an artist.  I would spend hours on end at my little desk copying pictures of Batman and Robin…comparing my drawing with what was in the comic books.  Eventually this led to me being placed in an art class for gifted students (not that I was gifted, I just could copy pictures really well).

This love for art continued on into my teenage years. My older brother, who was establishing himself as a web designer at that time, would have to hear my pitches about every couple months, on why we should get together and start a t-shirt company.

Joe De La Costa

I would give him my sketches which were sometimes inspired by spiritual topics that I would read about, and plead with him to help me start the clothing company.  While that never happened back then, I did pursue this childhood dream all the way to Berlin Germany, of which you can read about in a later blog post.After Honda, I started working for a SEO & Online Reputation Management Company in the automotive vertical.  That’s where my marketing & advertising career started, I suppose.  Now, almost 10 years later,  I work for Dealer.com.  All SEM, All Day.  And I love it.  I think my career may have become an obsession…or at least I try to make it my obsession. And I love it.

All throughout high school I was working part time and in the summers at a wide array of jobs from departments stores to local restaurants.  I can recall when I was 14 years old and deciding that I wanted to move out and get my own apartment.  So I got a work permit from an older school mate and just “updated” (LoL) it with my name and information.  The big chain burger joint didn’t appear to have checked with the school, so I was already working for a couple of years while I was under age. After high school I did attend college for a few years while working at different temporary agencies along the way.  I did a little of everything from working at law firms as a file clerk, to data entry at accounting offices.

When I was around 23, I got a job working for the Honda Corporation as call center representative.  Not long after I got there I relocated from Ontario to Los Angeles to work as a regional manager.  Working for Honda was one of the most interesting jobs that I had up until that time.  It introduced me to the corporate world, corporate structure, and corporate philosophy.  The company really cared about its employees, its customers, its vendors, and the impact that it makes in the world.

Whether I’m helping a client obtain quality backlinks to their online e-commerce store, assisting a local locksmith with creating his first Facebook retargeting campaign, or advising an automotive dealership on how to bring down their Cost-Per-Lead, it all revolves around helping people.  It’s always in the back of my mind that the more I can provide my clients with ways to increase sales, they more monetary/career success they will have, and the more they can take home to their families.  Aside from that, it’s just plain fun!  The digital landscape is forever changing and evolving…now more than ever.  It’s exciting to me to be able to open up my Facebook in the morning, see a new marketing/advertising tactic, implement it for my client that afternoon, and begin to see the results in the evening.  To me, digital marketing is never boring as there is always new and fresh to read about, to test, and to talk about with my marketing buddies.  With that said, please take a look around the site, like/comment/share to your hearts content, and drop me a line if you have any questions.  I love chatting with new people about what I love to do!