What on-the-lot foot traffic data proves about the new car shopping trend

What on-the-lot foot traffic data proves about the new car shopping trend

Ten years ago, a car shopper was required to visit the car dealership at least five times just to research a potential vehicle. Currently, the number of car buyers visiting dealers has dropped to two. This trend can be mainly attributed to the crucial role played by mobile.

Courtesy of the mobile revolution, car shoppers can easily research and locate a dealership without having to break a sweat. However, the use of mobile when shopping for cars doesn’t necessarily mean that buyers no longer frequent dealerships. There are popular times when car buyers will visit the dealership lots but not as often as they used to years ago.

Nowadays, consumers only visit car dealers during summers and the holiday season. This means that throughout the other times of the year customers are either researching or locating dealerships that will satisfy their needs. Therefore, it is important that car dealers take advantage of these popular times to ensure buyers stream to their lots.

An always-on strategy will certainly be of immense help in driving foot traffic to your lot throughout the year. However, during the peak period, you might consider adjusting the budget spent on mobile to ensure your ad appears whenever people are searching for car information within your dealership’s vicinity.

When looking for vehicles, most people tend to do so during lunch breaks rather than after work hours. Therefore, you should consider suggesting to your marketing team that they adopt day-parting to ensure you reach consumers at the ideal moment.  In addition, it is also important to bear in mind that the customer will still check their Smartphone even when they are on your lot. Mainly, consumers will want to confirm that they are not being exploited and hence the need to refer to their smartphones.  Therefore, ensure that you provide the correct information such as local incentives and inventory updates in a format that is mobile-friendly. In addition, it is also important that you convey the right information to your customers on time.

With the right information, you will boost the confidence levels that the customer has with your dealership since they are sure they are getting a great deal. And you can now be rest assured that every customer will come your way will say yes to your brand all courtesy of the confidence your brand has cultivated in the consumers.

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