Rule of 7: How social media marketing is the surest way to keep your business afloat

Rule of 7: How social media marketing is the surest way to keep your business afloat

Becoming successful in your marketing campaigns is greatly determined by the type of contact that you have with your customers and prospects. It is this contact that determines the type of relationship you will share with your clients which then translates into sales. In the marketing world, there is the famous marketing rule of 7 that states that a prospect needs to hear an advert at least 7 times before they decide to acquire your product. Today, you will require an amazing marketing strategy if you are to reach a prospect 7 times.  As a matter of fact, those 7 times might not even be enough.

The rule of 7 in the digital Era

Social media is the latest and by far the most efficient way of reaching customers. This digital form of marketing beats old school marketing by leveraging a medium that regularly reaches customers. Social media grants the seller the opportunity to interact with the consumer more than 7 times a day and allows you to convert a fan into a customer. So, how do you effectively use social media to your advantage?

  1. Strategize

Marketing success on social media platforms is all dependent on the content strategy applied. It is important that you come up with insightful content that will delight your target audience. The message should tell a story and have an emotional appeal. After all, customers need to hear your story and why you are the best fit to do business with.

  1. Telling your story

The content you use on your social media platforms should be original and unique. There are many forms of content and each if used properly would yield impressive results. The forms of content include:

  • Images

Images tell a great story that customers can relate to. There are various platforms where images will deliver the message. However, it is important that you use compelling images which you can easily back using your content strategy.

  • Videos

Video is arguably the most powerful form of content that leaves a lasting effect on the consumer. Videos can play a key role in establishing your online reputation and authority.

  • Blog posts

Creating a great online presence requires you to own a website and upload great posts on it. This will allow you to rank highly on search engine pages thus improving your visibility on the internet.

It is important that you engage buyers on every stage of purchasing. You never know, you too could have 7 as your lucky number.

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