Privacy Policy of

The safety and privacy of personal data has a special value for JoeDeLaCosta, Inc. (hereinafter
JoeDeLaCosta). The collection, processing and usage of personal data shall only be undertaken with the
consent of the individual or due to a legal obligation. Should anonymous or pseudonymous data be needed
for business purposes, then only these forms of data shall be used.

Personal data stored at JoeDeLaCosta is protected by extensive technical and operational safeguards against
potential unauthorized access or abuse. Our security procedures are regularly reviewed along with the latest
technological developments.

JoeDeLaCosta uses a secure method of data transmission known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transmission to
process user information.

JoeDeLaCosta Orders and Membership
We collect; store; modify; use and transmit personal data for their own specific purposes towards the
justification and settlement of the user’s contract or contract relationships, including individual and
personal customer advice and support, and to protect the legitimate business interests of JoeDeLaCosta.
When necessary, we will transmit personal data to third parties (such as delivery companies). Only
information that is needed to carry out its task will be transmitted and used.

The usage and transmission of personal data for advertising and market-research purposes is permitted by
JoeDeLaCosta, unless the user asks us to withhold their personal information when setting up their contract
with us. Users can opt-out of the usage of their data at any time within their JoeDeLaCosta user-account or
by sending a request via email to

The usage of personal data for other appropriate purposes is dependent on prior consent from the user.

If a user agrees to the forwarding of newsletters, then they will receive the newsletter content via JoeDeLaCosta. The owner sends the newsletter information to JoeDeLaCosta and a transmission of the users
personal data does not take place without the user’s express consent.

Usage of JoeDeLaCosta’s Online Offers
JoeDeLaCosta collects and uses personal user data due to legal obligations or when permission from a user is given, for the reason of content-wise alterations or changes to the contractual relations with the user in
terms of the usage of tele-media.

As far as is necessary, JoeDeLaCosta collects and uses a personal data in order to enable users to operate their online service; for accounting, including any User Forums which JoeDeLaCosta makes available; for accounting; further legally permissible cases or with the users consent.

JoeDeLaCosta collects and uses data contained in log-files that the user’s internet browser transmits to us.
The data we receive is the user’s browser type/version; device type; operating system; referring URLs (the user’s previously visited site); hostname (IP address) of the accessing computer; the number of pages viewed at; how much money a customer spends at; the number, type, and name of any products purchased at; and the time of server inquiry. In order to ensure the
safe communication of the JoeDeLaCosta online service -, it is not necessary for JoeDeLaCosta to use the data collected in connection with the specific user. Therefore, after statistical evaluation, the data will be deleted and not used in connection with the user.

JoeDeLaCosta uses Google Maps auto-completion APIs to verify your delivery information and avoid delivery errors. When you add your delivery information, you agree with Google Maps’ Terms of Service and Google’s
Privacy Policy.

Effective August 1 2016, we use Google Customer Match, which helps businesses provide customers with more relevant advertising offers. We anonymize (hash) the email addresses we submit to Customer Match.
We do not use all customer or user email addresses for the Customer Match service, so your email address may not be used at all. You may be able to opt-out of this use by adjusting your Google ads settings. Only Google receives the anonymized email addresses, and Google does not use them for any other purposes.

Our website may also use a website recording service which may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms. Data collected by this service is used to improve our website usability. The information collected is stored and is used for aggregated and statistical reporting, and is not shared with anybody else.

Usage of Cookies
For the reason of improving JoeDeLaCosta’s online service, the commonly-named system of ‘Cookies’ are used. Cookies are text files, which are stored on a users computer when they visit a website. Cookies are used either once or over a longer period of time to use a user’s recurring attitudes within the JoeDeLaCosta site to their benefit – in terms of personalising the JoeDeLaCosta online experience and its functions and tools towards individual user’s needs. The text files contain no address data (i.e. user’s names and E-Mail
data) or other personal information. JoeDeLaCosta will not link data found in these text files with otherdata sources. Cookies serve to further our analysis of web-page usage and enables us to make our servicemore user-friendly; more effective and safer.

User profiles (using false pseudonyms) may be provided for the purpose of advertisement to marketing-
studies or for organizing the meeting of demand within our online service, should the user not object. Users can opt-out of their information being used at any time by deactivating this function within their

JoeDeLaCosta user account, or by requesting deactivation via email ( The user-
profile will in no circumstances, be linked with the data regarding the ‘pseudonym’.

Deactivation of Cookies
Users can set their web browser to halt the storage of the data files known as Cookies. In some cases this can lead to certain services and website functions to become unusable.

California Eraser-Button Law
Our website allows users to submit their content, most commonly text and images (including in forums) (‘‘User Content’’). Personal Information in User Content may be made available to others and may be used in unexpected ways. You submit your User Content at your own risk.

To request removal of User Content, please contact us at In some cases, we may not be able to remove your personal information, in which case we will let you know if we are unable
to do so and why.

Note that removal or deletion of your information does not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the content or information posted on our website and service, or on the internet generally.

How We Respond to Do Not Track Signals Do Not Track (“DNT”) is a privacy preference that you can set in most web browsers. Not all browsers offer a
DNT option and DNT signals are not yet uniform. For this reason, we and many other digital service operators do not respond to DNT signals. For more information about DNT signals, visit

User Rights to Access to Personal Information
Visitors and users of JoeDeLaCosta’s web page can request (free of charge) access to any information held about them and its origin; any recipients of their data and the reason for the storage of such data.