How to use Google console to discover content marketing ideas

How to use Google console to discover content marketing ideas

When Web master tools (now Google search console), was first launched, it didn’t sound like an essential SEO asset. Currently, Google Search Console has evolved to become a must-have tool for anyone looking to make it in the SEO industry. One key area where this stool has proved essential is in the search analysis dashboard where it comes in handy in managing SEO campaigns.

And although the Search Analytics data from Google Search Console cannot be relied upon to connect keywords to direct leads, it offers a great opportunity to create content marketing campaigns by allowing you to search for keywords.

The search analytics report shows the number of times a website appears in Google search results. In this report, you will find the top keywords based on the clicks on the website over a period of 4-weeks. This information is then grouped into categories such as: the searched query, device used and date of search thus allowing the user to make a concrete marketing choice. Here are applications of search analytics data analysis that can be used to make solid SEO content marketing decisions.

  1. Build on developing success

Firstly, you need to look for keywords whose click-through-rate (CTR) is above average. These keywords should be based on moderate to even low impressions and should appear on an average position towards the bottom of the first page or at the beginning of the second page. The higher-than-average CTR proves that your website’s content is relevant and users will research more to find satisfactory results. And when using this data on spreadsheet format, here are filters to use.

  • At least five search impressions on a monthly period
  • 10 percent CTR or more and 20 percent for keywords associated with a single click
  • Average position between 7 and 12
  1. Adopt new more popular and competitive themes

This initiative is bent at looking for keywords that would allow your website to rank highly but the CTR is too low. This means that either the copy provided is not good enough or the result is not applicable to the keyword being searched. To remedy this situation, here are filters to apply.

  • Search impressions that are more than 500
  • Average position greater than 5
  • CTR less than 5 percent
  1. Determine what has worked best

Here, you should try to analyze the performance of keywords to find successful topics to complement. This means that you can leverage past success by using new keywords and here are filters to help you succeed.

  • Search impressions more than 100 in a month
  • CTR more than 10 percent
  • Average position higher than 5 or one that can be halfway up the page

By being able to analyze keyword performance, marketers can make decisions that will position them for both short-term and long-term success!

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