How artificial intelligence will impact on PPC

How artificial intelligence will impact on PPC

Since the 1970s, the world has experienced incredible technological advancements that are shaping how humans get tasks done. The technological wave first begun with semi-conductors, then graduated to personal computers and now most recently the internet. However, the future promises a new wave of technology that will involve advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

Currently, there is an emerging trend whereby PPC is expected to be driven by artificial intelligence. This new development will certainly affect the handling of tasks. However, it still poses a huge risk since nobody knows the extent of the AI abilities. So, how can we ensure our tasks do not come to a halt under the hands of robots? Here’s how.

What AI entails

First things first, it is important that one gets a clear understanding of what AI means before venturing into its connection with online marketing. AI is simply the ability for a machine to solve problems perceived to require the attention of “human special skills”. In addition, how the machine will achieve this is not a requirement for it to be considered AI.  Amazingly, the new wave of technology promises to eliminate manually programmed AI and introduce a better automated version that doesn’t require a lot of work to create. And the new ways of AI programming include:

  • Machine learning

This is a statistical approach that entails finding correlations from a lot of data in a bid to predict future incidents. Courtesy of this approach, you need not tell the computer what to do in-case of a certain situation but instead it teaches itself what to do based on historical data.

  • Neural networks

Under this approach, the main aim is to mimic how the human brain works. Just like information is passed through neurons in the human brain, so will the neural networks pass the information through numerous layers that process and assign a confidence score at every processing level.

Levels of PPC automation

In order to best understand the automation process, it is important to first understand the automation levels. Here’s an overview of the levels.

  • Level 0

At this stage, everything is done manually so the human effort is required.

  • Level 1

The automations are alert but take no action

  • Level 2

All individual tasks are automated but tasks are not interconnected.

  • Level 3

Multiple tasks are now handled together and the interplay of the managed components are understood by the AI.

  • Level 4

The human effort is no longer required since the system know what it should do.

  • Level 5

This is where the system starts yielding results.


As much as PPC automation is a good sign for the internet marketing industry, it is important that we understand the capabilities of AI to leap the most out of it!

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