Great ways to use Google’s Readers Creation tool to achieve SEO success

Great ways to use Google’s Readers Creation tool to achieve SEO success

The Google readers’ tool is arguably one of the greatest SEO tools whose potential has not been fully tapped into. With the ability of this tool to create or track RSS feeds for pages that do not provide these feeds, this tool can be used for professional and personal use. However, your creativity and insight will determine how well you benefit from this tool. Here, you will learn how to best use the Google readers tool for SEO purposes.

  1. Add your core in-linking pages to know when a link is eliminated

To become an effective link builder, you will first need to keep track of the links you have already built. And because monitoring those links manually can prove to be a challenging task, the Google Reader’s feed tool will enable you to track changes to any page and automatically detect whenever a link has been replaced or totally removed.

  1. Track pages you want to source links from and know who is also getting these links

Link building is mostly all about looking for hub pages. With the Google Readers tool, you can track these hub pages before you contact the webmaster/organization. This will also allow you to know who your competitors are and who is actively involved in link building. In addition, you will also get to see upcoming competition.

  1. Track when your link is added to a requested page

Whenever you request a link from another website and it is granted, tracking that link could require you to do it manually thus resulting to time wastage. But with the Google reader feed creation tool, you can automatically find out whenever new links are added.

  1. Monitor your clients’ websites to detect changes

In a bid to keep up with your clients, it is important to know whenever they make changes on their platforms. Using Google Reader to track their websites allows you to get wind of any changes or updates on time thus allowing you to correct mistakes early. Additionally, you can also detect how your recommendation is being carried out by the client.

  1. Watch your competitors and learn their SEO strategies

Keeping tabs on your competitors is a great way to learn their moves and create a counter strategy. However, Google Reader RSS feeds creator will only update you on the changes of content and not the code. This means that you won’t be able to track all the SEO activities of your competitor.

The Google feeds creator tool is certainly under used. You too can also come up with intriguing ways to use this tool and make your SEO campaign a success.

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