What the new Google ranking factor means for the business world

What the new Google ranking factor means for the business world

Ranking on the first page of highly sought after search engines like Google is certainly every business’s dream. However, there are various factors that will determine how high your page will rank; among them being user ratings and reviews. And with numerous businesses meeting these qualifications, Google has adopted a new ranking factor that will ensure that only the best rank highly.

The quality of small businesses will be used to determine how high a small business will rank on Google pages. As a matter of fact, this search engine giant has already begun applying the quality factor on the interface of some local searches.  This has been done through use of functional filters which appear upon queries with certain superlatives. Among the superlatives that trigger this filter include: Best, Awesome, Great and Outstanding. Interestingly, some other superlatives couldn’t trigger this filter and they include: stupendous, supreme and kick-a.  And as much as you may not use the qualitative factor, the filter will still show up although it is not pre-filtered for businesses with a rating of 4.0 star and above.

With the new ranking factor, it is evident that Google might have been looking to increase the focus showered on the qualitative element during ranking. This new development is largely based on things that have been talked about or even been seen.  This focus on the quality factor can now be seen directly on the snack pack interface thus making the positive reviews an important aspect of the marketing strategy of any business. And although it is not crystal clear the role played by the reviews, they are still an important component that determine the quality levels of your business and thus your business page rank.

Courtesy of this new Google ranking development, businesses will have no option but to ensure quality is adhered to on every aspect of product or service delivery. More to that, this is the ideal opportunity for the consumers to determine what they want to consume and also give their honest opinions that will ensure sub-standard goods are either improved or driven away from the market. On that note, it is all systems go as the business world waits to trade and consumer products that adhere to the highest quality standards that ensure that consumers enjoy value for their money and at the same time reduce exploitation!

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