Revealed! 15% of searches on Google are new and have never been searched before

Revealed! 15% of searches on Google are new and have never been searched before

Google is arguably the most sought after search engine on the internet and this can be confirmed by the fact that they process trillions of questions every year. However, during the announcement of project owi recently, Google made an astonishing revelation that 15 per cent of these searches have never been seen before.  Amazingly, the last time Google released a statement with such metrics was in 2013.

According to the latest revelation by Google, the 15 per cent unique searches always present a new challenge to the Google employees as they try to find the most satisfactory answers to these questions never seen before.

In 2016, Google handled over 2 trillion searches up from the 1.2 trillion searches in 2012. However, it is also interesting to note that the 15 percent unique searches that were recently quoted by Google are way-lower as compared to the 20 to 25 per cent of new searches that were reported in 2007.

Courtesy of the unique searches on Google, it is evident that the world is fast changing courtesy of the technological advancement that allows more people to access the internet and the emerging trends that trigger the hunger for information. Nevertheless, it is also important to note that some of the information that Google users are requesting might need extensive research in order to come up with detailed answers that will satisfy the user. For that reason, most of the answers offered for the new searches might not be comprehensive or satisfactory.

With such answers, the search engine user might not be able to make a conclusive and applicable decision from the information provided. So, what does that mean for internet users? Will their thirst for information be quenched? Well, it will all depend on the moves put in place by Google to ensure authentic research is conducted on these searches in order to provide solid answers.

As much as the new searches might prove to be challenging to Google, it is important to acknowledge the effort they are putting in a bid to ensure the researchers get answers that can help them understand their topics of search. That said, all that we can do is wait and see what measures will be put in place to ensure new searches in future are comfortably handled and resolved to ensure satisfaction on the researcher’s side.

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