How to Uncover Conversion Focused Keywords Using Quora and Reddit

How to Uncover Conversion Focused Keywords Using Quora and Reddit

SEO strategy highly depends on the keywords you use and without the appropriate and high-quality keywords, all the links you incorporate in your marketing will not bring more traffic to your website. So what is the main challenge in using SEO strategy? Most people don’t know how to use high-quality keywords. What you actually need is a long tail of conversion focused keywords to create high-quality content for your website hence increasing the conversion rate.

Using community focused websites like Quora and Reddit

These websites provide solutions to effective SEO since there are millions of members from across the world and they readily participate in discussions. Here you will find all sorts of questions related to your topic that can help with your niche. The questions asked in these forums provide a great source for obtaining your conversion focused keywords.

Using Quora for keyword research

Quora is one of the world top 125 websites and has over 80M users on a monthly basis. It works on a very simple model: members of the Quora community ask any questions they need answers. After posting the question, anyone can answer it without limitation of expertise or experience. Due to this ease of accessibility, Quora gains over 6,000 questions per day with the questions adding up to over 8M.

Finding Conversion-Focused Keywords on Quora

Finding hundreds of keywords from Quora is not a difficult task. However, you need to be certain that the keywords you use will bring more traffic. Therefore, you need to target the keywords that can convince a buyer in the decision-making stage. Customers in this stage are actively evaluating different options before they choose which product to settle for.

The two ways of finding such decision stage questions on Quora:

  1. Evaluate the questions feed

This strategy involves scrolling the questions feed to know the questions that are frequently asked by consumers and can lead to a conversion.

  1. Find related questions

Using this tactic, you find one Decision-stage question and then search similar questions. This gives you different opinions about that particular topic.

Using Reddit to research keywords

Just like Quora, Reddit is community-powered. However, unlike Quora which is heavily moderated, Reddit is a free-for-all and has over 227 M unique visitors and over 9000 communities. In addition, finding something on Reddit follows the same criteria as Quora model.

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