Unfriendly trends that pose a threat to the future of SEO

Unfriendly trends that pose a threat to the future of SEO

Lately, there have been a rapid rise of posts that have been predicting the death of SEO.  Unfortunately, these posts only offer the result without offering explanations on why SEO will die. Here, we will give a detailed insight on 3 reasons why the SEO industry might soon become extinct.

  1. New Ads

Google has been on a mission to experiment with new ad formats with an aim of providing a better user experience instead of organic results. Under this new development, it is expected that the better the ad will be; the less traffic organic listings will get. Currently, Google has already rolled out home service ads to several markets so as to make it easier to find various services. This will also affect sites that have superb SEO as they will have a hard time beating the convenience of these ads and the valuable endorsement from Google.  So, what can those in the SEO industry do about this new format?

  • Be aware of these new ad formats to allow you to experiment with those that match your business needs.
  • Avoid competing with SERPs that already have interactive ads
  • Look for ways to distinguish your on-site experience from what Google is offering.
  1. New Search Interfaces

Many are times when people do not find what they are looking for on Google. Instead, the user clicks to an alternative result that appears on the Google search page. Here are the alternative interfaces that offer these results.

  1. Voice search

This is best used to search queries that rank lowly due to personalization or availability of a single result.

Non-Google Alternatives

There are other sites that may offer a better search experience for a specific type of question and they include:

  1. Wikipedia: For information
  2. Yelp: For queries on local businesses
  3. Amazon: For queries on transactions.

Here’s the solution for those in the SEO field.

  • Optimize for the Search Engines your users are on.
  • Use structured data that is easy to understand to ensure it is future proof.
  • Avoid competition with SERPs with rich interfaces
  1. A new Google

With these changes, Google will become great at understanding websites thus you will no longer need to worry about SEO. Google doesn’t want to reward sites because they are highly informed but because they have satisfied their users. So, what is the solution for SEOs? Broaden your set of skills to ensure you are providing value and not just optimizing your site to get into Google’s good books.

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